Big Pocono Lookout
US 56, PA 1
July 2015 photo by Jan Braidech

July 2015 photo by Jan Braidech

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 56, PA 1 (view other lookouts in United States, Pennsylvania)
Date Registered March 11, 1993
Nominated by Stephen J. Cummings, Director,Pennsylvania Chapter, FFLA
Location Big Pocono State Park
Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Coordinates N 41° 02.514' W 075° 21.150' (view using Google Maps)
N 41° 02' 31" W 075° 21' 09"
N 41.041900° W 075.352500°
Elevation 2,083 ft (635 m)
Administered by Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry
Cooperators District 19, Bureau of Forestry, Pennsylvania DER


Big Pocono Tower is typical of fire tower construction in Pennsylvania between 1914 and 1939. Built in 1921 it is believed to be the oldest tower still in service (there are some older structures standing, but they are inactive). Located in a state park atop Big Pocono Mountain adjacent to Camelback Ski Area, the steel tower with 7’X7’ cab is only 21 ft. tall. An unusual feature at the site is a helicopter fire attack base used during fire season. Owned by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry, the tower is also a focus of attention of the Pocono Forestry Association, which may be the oldest private forest protection association in the U.S. (est. 1901).


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Big Pocono Lookout in winter

Big Pocono Lookout in winter

Visit Reports

July 18, 2015: Jan Braidech


Needs paint? No Response
Shutters OK? Yes
Condition of wood OK? Yes
Stairs OK? Yes
Glass intact? Yes

Electronics and Enroachments

Are electronic sites enroaching on tower? No

Access and Signs

NHLR sign posted? No
Directions to tower signed? Yes


Staffed? No

Opportunities for Volunteer Support

Volunteers staffing opportunities? No Response
Volunteer maintenance opportunities? No Response

Other Comments

Comments I must admit that at first I was "unimpressed with this tower" UNTIL I soon realized that there was no need for it to be any higher! Wow! With our high-powered binoculars we (my boyfriend, Andy was with me)could see a lot! Even without the use of the tower, we actually saw a blimp in the distance near High Point monument in very distant Montague, NJ and more in the forefront nearer the Delaware River, we could see Catfish fire tower! (I only wish I had my Canon 50X zoom with me to be able to capture the blimp, High Point, and Catfish all in the same frame...) <br /> <br />Lots of big beautiful butterflies amongst milkweed plants... Not sure if they were Monarch or not. <br /> <br />We also were able to view Route 80 with cars moving on the roadway... (Thank God we at least had Andy's high-powered binoculars with us!