Happy Camp Lookout
US 1330, CA 153
Happy Camp Lookout - 2006

Happy Camp Lookout - 2006 - courtesy of Fred Johnson

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1330, CA 153 (view other lookouts in United States, California)
Date Registered October 22, 2019
Nominated by Brad Eells
Location Modoc National Forest
Modoc County, California
Coordinates N 41° 24.950' W 121° 06.553' (view using Google Maps)
N 41° 24' 57" W 121° 06' 33"
N 41.415829° W 121.109211°
Elevation 6,067 ft (1,849 m)
Built 1911/1950/2001
Administered by US Forest Service - Modoc National Fores


A primary lookout was established at this point in 1911 with Eli Dale as the first lookout man. The structure was replaced in 1950.

The lookout was destroyed by a fire caused by an electrical problem while the lookout was away for the night in 2000.

A new lookout structure was built in 2001 as a handicap accessible station, complete with an extra wide catwalk and a power chairlift from ground level to the catwalk level. This is the newest lookout in the Region 5 inventory prior to the completion of the Vetter Mountain rebuild in 2019.


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2019 - courtesy of Ron Kemnow

Photo courtesy of Ron Kemnow

Visitors to the lookout

Visitors to the lookout - courtesy of Modoc National Forest Archive

Photo courtesy of Fred Johnson