Similar to "adopt a highway"-type programs, the Lookout Stewards program provides a way for you to help protect your favorite fire lookout.

What is a lookout steward?

  • Lookout Stewards are individuals willing to "Adopt a Lookout." They are the "go to" person for the site.
  • They serve as liaison to the responsible agency to coordinate volunteer activities.
  • Activities may include light maintenance, periodic inspections, opening and closing each season.
  • They work closely with the Lookout Host Volunteer staffing program, or paid observers.
  • There is excellent potential for a Lookout Steward to assist ranger district staff in monitoring rental lookouts.
  • They maintain supply of Forest Fire Lookout Association brochures at the lookout.
  • They keep contact with the agency manager of the lookout and the leadership of the FFLA chapter or sub-chapter.

How do I become a lookout steward?

  1. Contact Keith Argow at with a brief description of yourself and identify the lookout.
  2. We will contact the district ranger or fire management officer to determine their interest.
  3. As soon as we get an answer, we notify you right away.
  4. After review and signing of a cooperation agreement, your appointment is official.
  5. The information is posted here on the National Historic Lookout Register.