Tobias Peak Lookout
US 313, CA 37
Tobias Peak Lookout - 1999

Tobias Peak Lookout - 1999 - courtesy of Mark Swift Collection

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 313, CA 37 (view other lookouts in United States, California)
Date Registered May 5, 1999
Location Sequoia National Forest
Tulare County, California
Coordinates N 35° 50.997' W 118° 34.342' (view using Google Maps)
N 35° 50' 60" W 118° 34' 21"
N 35.849955° W 118.572367°
Elevation 8,218 ft (2,505 m)
Built 1935
Administered by U.S. Forest Service
Cooperators Hot Springs Ranger District


Tobias Peak Lookout, on the Hot Springs District of the Sequoia National Forest was built by the Forest service and the CCC in 1935. Located in the Sierra Nevada range of California, the 14' x 14' C3 cab with catwalk sits atop a 3' foundation. In active service continuously since 1935 (with the exception of 1947 and 1986) the nomination included a complete roster of observers stationed there over the years. The current observer has been there since 1992. In her nomination report she added: "Naturally I am anxious to have Tobias registered as neither the tower or myself are getting any younger."


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2011 - courtesy of Ron Kemnow

Photo courtesy of Buck Rock Collection

Visit Reports

January 29, 2004: Mary Ann Evans


Needs paint? Yes
Shutters OK? Yes
Condition of wood OK? Yes
Stairs OK? No Response
Glass intact? Yes
Good condition? No Response
Comments: Needs two or three wood planks on Deck and support work for railings. Short steps, but loose. Asbestos Tiles on floor. Deck needs more chipping before painting. No outside help on any of the painting or chipping. Orders for lookout is NOT toclimb on ldder to do the top part of cab. Painting has been done on all lowers levels.

Electronics and Enroachments

Are electronic sites enroaching on tower? No
Comments: Crew Two of Tule/Hot Springs district has taken upon themselves to fell on or two trees when they can, but only the dead or diseased ones.This is not inBlack and White on maintenance work order.
Other enroachments? Trees

Access and Signs

NHLR sign posted? No
Directions to tower signed? Yes
Comments? NHLR sign will be up for the 2004 fire season. Lookout made one directional sign.


Staffed? Yes

Opportunities for Volunteer Support

Volunteers staffing opportunities? No Response
Volunteer maintenance opportunities? Yes