Chapin Mesa (Cedar Tree) Lookout
US 875, CO 13

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 875, CO 13 (view other lookouts in United States, Colorado)
Date Registered March 16, 2010
Nominated by Allen Farnsworth, Fire Management Officer
Location Mesa Verde National Park
Montezuma County, Colorado
Coordinates N 37° 11.797' W 108° 29.089' (view using Google Maps)
N 37° 11' 48" W 108° 29' 05"
N 37.196610° W 108.484810°
Elevation 7,125 ft (2,172 m)
Built 1945
Administered by National Park Service


Constructed in Mesa Verde National Park in 1945, Chapin Mesa Lookout is one of a kind. Also known as Cedar Tree Lookout, the 42' tower with an open 6'x6' cab sits on an 8" surplus well casing with a steel ladder welded on the side. The roof came from the cab of a road grader.

As of 2019, this unusual tower is in good shape  but “could use some maintenance and tightening of support cables”.  Condition of cab steel is “good but needs paint”.  “The platform needs to be repaired”.  Chapin Mesa LO is “staffed as needed on short term basis”.  “It is only used to help locate smoke reports that Park Point LO can’t see”.


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Historical Photo

Historical Photo