Live Oak (Crestview) Tower
US 1000, FL 6

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1000, FL 6 (view other lookouts in United States, Florida)
Date Registered March 14, 2014
Nominated by Edward M. Rytman Jr.
Location John McMahon Environmental Center
Okaloosa County, Florida
Coordinates N 30° 46.149' W 086° 34.788' (view using Google Maps)
N 30° 46' 09" W 086° 34' 47"
N 30.769151° W 086.579797°
Elevation 239 ft (73 m)
Built 1953
Administered by City of Crestview, Florida


When the Florida Forest Service constructed the Live Oak tower in 1953, named for a nearby cemetery, it was one of the last links to achieve full fire detection coverage for west Florida. Operated for 30 years, it was put on standby service and eventually retired in 1983 as the land around it changed from forests to farms and housing. In recognition of the significance of the site as a loved landmark, the City of Crestview acquired the tower and the forestry buildings for use as an Environmental Center and aboretum. It has the singular honor of being the 1000th fire lookout to be listed on the National Register.


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Edward M. Rytman Jr. photo

Edward M. Rytman Jr. photo