McDuffie Lookout
US 1069, GA 18
Michael T. Finch, Jr. photo

Michael T. Finch, Jr. photo

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1069, GA 18 (view other lookouts in United States, Georgia)
Date Registered June 9, 2015
Nominated by Michael T. Finch, Jr.
Location McDuffie County, Georgia
Coordinates N 33° 26.721' W 082° 32.542' (view using Google Maps)
N 33° 26' 43" W 082° 32' 33"
N 33.445348° W 082.542365°
Elevation 519 ft (158 m)
Administered by Georgia Forestry Commission


This lookout appears to be an 82-foot Aermotor LS-40 galvanized tower with a 7'x7'x10' steel cab. Two radio antennas are visible, suggesting it may be used as a repeater station. It is located next to an active Georgia Forestry Commission office.


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