Lookout Mountain Lookout (Boundary County)
US 69, ID 4

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 69, ID 4 (view other lookouts in United States, Idaho)
Date Registered December 20, 1993
Nominated by Gary Weber, Western Chair, FFLA
Location Boundary County, Idaho
Coordinates N 48° 46.339' W 116° 46.098' (view using Google Maps)
N 48° 46' 20" W 116° 46' 06"
N 48.772321° W 116.768299°
Elevation 6,727 ft (2,050 m)
Administered by Idaho Department of Lands
Cooperators Idaho Department of Lands, and Forest Fire Lookout Association


Lookout Mountain, Idaho was first used for fire detection in 1921 with the cupola structure completed in 1929. It was supplemented with a CCC-built L4 tower in 1939. The mountain was abandoned as an active fire detection site in 1947 and the tower collapsed around 1965. In 1977 a steel tower was moved from Packsaddle Lookout and topped with a 12 x 12 wooden cab by the Idaho Dept. of Lands. The original cupola structure--one of only two of its type left--was restored in 1983-1992.


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Lookout before repainting by volunteers

Lookout before repainting by volunteers

Lookout after repainting

Lookout after repainting

August 2010

August 2010

New railing

New railing

Visit Reports

April 11, 2006: Gary A. Wilson


Needs paint? Yes
Shutters OK? No Response
Condition of wood OK? No Response
Stairs OK? No Response
Glass intact? No Response
Good condition? No Response
Comments: A long abandoned structure remotely located. The correct name may be "Chase LO" which appears on topo map. Locals refer to it as the Lookout Mtn LO. The last time I was there it was open with an invite to use it with care. Large hole in floor by door greeted visitors.

Electronics and Enroachments

Are electronic sites enroaching on tower? No

Access and Signs

NHLR sign posted? No
Directions to tower signed? No
Comments? It is remotely located and probably not heavily visited. I may have photos of it taken seven or eight years ago. To my knowledge it still exists. Challis NF perhaps could verify it.


Staffed? No

Opportunities for Volunteer Support

Volunteers staffing opportunities? No Response
Volunteer maintenance opportunities? Yes
It is unlikely to receive any interest from the Forest to restore it. Nice location but aren't they all.