Timmonsville Tower
US 970, SC 23

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 970, SC 23 (view other lookouts in United States, South Carolina)
Date Registered February 24, 2013
Nominated by Michael T. Finch, Jr., FFLA Area Rep
Location Sumter County, South Carolina
Coordinates N 33° 54.417' W 080° 32.500' (view using Google Maps)
N 33° 54' 25" W 080° 32' 30"
N 33.906958° W 080.541664°
Elevation 218 ft (66 m)
Built 1936
Administered by Billy McIntosh, Owner
Cooperators Billy McIntosh, Owner


Built in 1936, this Aermotor LS-40 steel tower with 7'x7' steel cab, formerly 100', reconstructed to 40' on the original concrete footings, was originally located near the town of Timmonsville in Florence County, SC. The tower was purchased from the SC Forestry Commission by Billy McIntosh in the late 1990s and moved to Sumter County, reconditioned, and re-erected on Mr. McIntosh's property. It is used as a hunting and wildlife observation spot.


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