Jumpoff Lookout
US 1518, WA 69
Jumpoff Lookout

Jumpoff Lookout - courtesy of the Washington Trails Association

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1518, WA 69 (view other lookouts in United States, Washington)
Date Registered February 8, 2022
Nominated by Mike Hiler
Location Wenachee National Forest
Yakima County, Washington
Coordinates N 46° 38.670' W 121° 01.905' (view using Google Maps)
N 46° 38' 40" W 121° 01' 54"
N 46.644505° W 121.031743°
Elevation 5,749 ft (1,752 m)
Built 1961
Administered by US Forest Service - Wenachee National Forest


Also known as 'Jumpoff Joe' Lookout. The first structure developed about 1923 with a D-6 cupola cabin. In 1961, the current R-6 flat top ground cabin replaced it. The lookout has been used sporadically since the 1960s on an emergency basis. 

Mike Hiler and “Friends of Jumpoff” began that summer to stabilize the lookout. Since then, the roof covering was repaired and is now water tight, shutters were repaired and replaced and the cabin was cleaned and efforts are made to keep the structure tidy and hospitable.

Over the next several years, the shutters got back on with plexiglass openings so visitors won’t pull them off to see inside. The water damaged floor was repaired, cabinets were repaired.

Mike Hiler helped drive this and he was the lookout on Jumpoff during 1969 to 1973.


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Circa 1950's - D6 Cupola Cabin

Circa 1950's - D6 Cupola Cabin - courtesy of the Willhite Web


1956 - courtesy of the Willhite Web

Northeast View - 1929

Northeast View - 1929 - courtesy of the Willhite Web

Northwest View - 1929

Northwest View - 1929 - courtesy of The Willhite Web

South View - 1929

South View - 1929 - courtesy of the Willhite Web