Mount Spokane Vista House Lookout
US 58, WA 2

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 58, WA 2 (view other lookouts in United States, Washington)
Date Registered June 19, 1993
Nominated by Ray Kresek, Director, Historic Lookout Project & FFLA
Location Spokane County, Washington
Coordinates N 47° 55.254' W 117° 06.850' (view using Google Maps)
N 47° 55' 15" W 117° 06' 51"
N 47.920905° W 117.114174°
Elevation 5,844 ft (1,781 m)
Built 1933
Administered by Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
Cooperators Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission


The first of five lookout structures on Mt. Spokane, Washington was built in 1933 by contractor E.O. Fieldstad using native stone found on the summit. The two-story stone vista house has a second story dormer on the north to be used as a fire lookout. In 1948 a 85’ wooden live-in tower was constructed, but it collapsed the first winter with an overload of ice. A shorter 45’ tower was built in 1959, to be replaced 13 years later with a 40’ tower. In 1979 the present 40’ tower was built and is still in service. The stone lookout is owned by the State Parks Commission. The towers belong to the Department of Natural Resources.


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