North Mountain Lookout
US 1095, WA 61
2009 photo by Gary Weber

2009 photo by Gary Weber

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1095, WA 61 (view other lookouts in United States, Washington)
Date Registered January 3, 2015
Nominated by Alan Sprouse
Location Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
Skagit County, Washington
Coordinates N 48° 19.097' W 121° 36.177' (view using Google Maps)
N 48° 19' 06" W 121° 36' 11"
N 48.318280° W 121.602950°
Elevation 3,757 ft (1,145 m)
Administered by U.S. Forest Service


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Visit Reports

July 22, 2006: Alan Sprouse


Needs paint? Yes
Shutters OK? No Response
Condition of wood OK? No Response
Stairs OK? Yes
Glass intact? No Response
Good condition? No Response
Comments: The tower is in need of adoption and repair. At first glance the tower appears to be in good shape, however after starting the climb I noticed that handrails and guard rails were loose and weak. All wood is weathered and in need of paint. There are holes in USFS signs halfway up the tower from firearms. The cab entrance is without a door and there is a board on the observation platform nailed at only one end. It is apparent that this lookout is all too accessable to vandals.

Electronics and Enroachments

Are electronic sites enroaching on tower? Yes
Comments: Incredable view of Mt Baker to the northwest and of the Sauk River valley to the east. If the tower is not adopted it may be destroyed beyond repair in the intermediate future.
Other enroachments? Department of Transportation generators and equipment with solar panels.

Access and Signs

NHLR sign posted? No
Directions to tower signed? No
Comments? I used a Green Trails map to arrive in the area, however I repeated attempts to find FS road 2810 was forced to stop at the Darrington Ranger Station for directions. The FS roads are not posted except for the 2810 which is posted as 3000. All wheel drive is not required and the road goes to the tower.


Staffed? No
According to a publication I purchased, the tower status is listed as emergency use.

Opportunities for Volunteer Support

Volunteers staffing opportunities? Yes
Volunteer maintenance opportunities? Yes
Needs windows, paint, and lots of wood rework.