South Baldy Lookout
US 143, WA 17
South Baldy Lookout

South Baldy Lookout - courtesy of Ron Kemnow

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 143, WA 17 (view other lookouts in United States, Washington)
Date Registered January 10, 1996
Nominated by Ray Kresek, Washington Registrar
Location Colville National Forest
Pend Oreille County, Washington
Coordinates N 48° 25.400' W 117° 08.248' (view using Google Maps)
N 48° 25' 24" W 117° 08' 15"
N 48.423340° W 117.137471°
Elevation 5,944 ft (1,812 m)
Built 1960
Administered by U.S. Forest Service
Cooperators Newport Ranger District and Priest Lake Ranger District


There are some places in the U.S. that receive more than their share of winter, and South Baldy Lookout is one of them. Located in the Colville National Forest in northeastern Washington, the 14’x14’ R-6 flatroof atop a 41’ wooden tower was constructed in 1960 and is the fourth lookout to occupy the site. The first was a one-room log cabin built in 1909, which was replaced by another log cabin in 1915 and a cupola lookout in 1929.


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1939 Press Photo - D6 Cupola

1939 Press Photo - D6 Cupola - courtesy of The Ron Kemnow Collection

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland - courtesy of Ray Kresek

South Baldy Lookout

South Baldy Lookout - courtesy of Curt McEwan

Visit Reports

September 9, 2018: Jarred Roberg


Needs paint? Yes
Shutters OK? Yes
Condition of wood OK? Yes
Stairs OK? Yes
Glass intact? Not Applicable
Good condition? Yes
Comments: Took the stairs up but could not access catwalk. Needs work. Outhouse was demolished by vandalism it appeared.

Electronics and Enroachments

Are electronic sites enroaching on tower? No

Access and Signs

NHLR sign posted? No
Directions to tower signed? No
Comments? Gate closed walked about a mile to get there.


Staffed? No

Opportunities for Volunteer Support

Volunteers staffing opportunities? Unsure
Volunteer maintenance opportunities? Unsure