Diamond Tree Lookout
AU 1, AUWA 1

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers AU 1, AUWA 1 (view other lookouts in Australia, Western Australia)
Date Registered August 15, 1998
Location Western Australia
Coordinates No coordinates are available
Administered by Dept. of Conservation & Land Management
Cooperators Dept. of Conservation & Land Management


The stately karri eucalyptus forests of (south) Western Australia have a long history of fire. Modern forest management practices by the Western Australia Dept. of Conservation & Land Management (CALM) includes an active program of prescribed burning to reduce the intensity of wildfires. The first lookout tree -- at 80’ -- was constructed in 1936 near Manjimup. The Big Tree lookout -- 146 high with a 8’ x 8’ cab -- was completed the next year. The Diamond Tree Lookout, constructed in 1940, remains in active service. It was topped at 160’ and an additional 32’ tower placed on the treetop supporting a 8’ x 8’ cab (floor height: 190”). Easily accessible, the Diamond Tree soon became a tourist attraction and by 1975 some 2,000 people a year climbed the pegs circling the tree to the lookout on top. In 1991, CALM removed and restored the cabin and replaced the climbing pegs. An attractive recreation area was improved at the base.