Gloucester Tree Lookout
AU 2, AUWA 2

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers AU 2, AUWA 2 (view other lookouts in Australia, Western Australia)
Date Registered August 15, 1998
Location Western Australia
Coordinates No coordinates are available
Administered by Dept. of Conservation & Land Management
Cooperators Dept. of Conservation & Land Management


Perhaps the best known of the karri tree fire towers, and the tallest, the Gloucester Tree Lookout was built in 1946. The tree was topped at 200’ with an 8’ x 8’ wooden cab. The lookout became even more popular than Diamond Tree and by 1990, 182,000 people/year viewed the Gloucester Tree and 44,600 actually climbed it! In 1991, CALM restored the lookout, shortening it by 8’ and replacing the wooden cab with a steel and aluminum cab and visitors’ gallery. The pegs were replaced, and a park including recreation facilities and parking area for cars and busses was completed. In 1998, some 50,000 people climbed the “world’s tallest fire lookout.”
Now primarily a tourist attraction, it is available for emergency use.