Sounding Knob Fire Tower
US 1221, VA 39
Tower with owner Skip Jones in 2017

Tower with owner Skip Jones in 2017 - courtesy of Scott Smith, Allegheny Mountain Radio

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1221, VA 39 (view other lookouts in United States, Virginia)
Date Registered July 8, 2017
Nominated by Brian Powell
Location Highland County, Virginia
Coordinates N 38° 23.747' W 079° 33.833' (view using Google Maps)
N 38° 23' 45" W 079° 33' 50"
N 38.395783° W 079.563883°
Elevation 3,983 ft (1,214 m)
Built originally 1935, rebuilt 2017
Removed removed 2002, later reinstalled
Administered by Hammill "Skip" Jones


Located atop Jack Mountain east of Monterey, 80-foot Sounding Knob Tower was built in 1935 for the Virginia Department of Forestry by CCC workers. The tower was staffed until the 1960s. After years of abandonment, the tower was removed in 2002. It was bought by by local businessman Steve Good of Highland Welding, who salvaged and stored the components.

In 2016, the tower was purchased by Hammill "Skip" Jones. Working with Highland Welding and the Virginia Department of Forestry, the tower's components received a comprehensive overhaul including re-galvanization and new wooden stair treads. It was reinstalled at Sounding Knob in 2017 with a public dedication ceremony on July 8, 2017.

The tower is privately owned by Skip Jones. Access to the tower is gated, but Jones plans to periodically allow the public free access. As of November 2020, the tower and cab are being left open indefinitely for the public to visit during daylight hours.


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Tower in July 2017

Tower in July 2017 - courtesy of Krissy Reynolds

View of Monterey

View of Monterey - courtesy of Scott Smith, Allegheny Mountain Radio

Owner Skip Jones in cab

Owner Skip Jones in cab - courtesy of Scott Smith, Allegheny Mountain Radio