Wisconsin Dells Lookout
US 1589, WI 49
October 2015 photo

October 2015 photo - courtesy of J.R. Manning

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1589, WI 49 (view other lookouts in United States, Wisconsin)
Date Registered May 22, 2022
Nominated by Brecken Young
Location Columbia County, Wisconsin
Coordinates N 43° 40.440' W 089° 46.771' (view using Google Maps)
N 43° 40' 26" W 089° 46' 46"
N 43.673993° W 089.779515°
Elevation 1,157 ft (353 m)
Built 1958
Administered by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


According to a Wisconsin Conservation Commission Bulletin dated 1958, there has been a lookout structure at this location since 1934: "Approved construction of a $6,140 steel lookout tower at Wisconsin Dells to replace a 24-year-old wooden tower." (Wisconsin Conservation Bulletin, Vol. 23, 1958)

The Wisconsin Dells Lookout was staffed intermittently during spring fire season until 2015 when Wisconsin decommissioned its lookout network. The tower is now surrounded by private land and only accessed by a DNR easement.


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